Dear Readers,

It is a pleasure to inform you, the readers of the Journal of Mood Disorders that, from this date forward, a new stage begins as the journal will be published in its entirety in English on our website. It is a reality of our times that scientific publications must adapt to the changes that the public and researchers demand, such as timely publication, a universal language, and a virtual space.

With this issue, we begin a new form of medium for both the works that originate in the Bipolar Disorders Unit of the University Psychiatric Clinic of the Universidad de Chile, as well as collaborations of important researchers and groups that publish material on Mood Disorders both in our country, Chile, and in other regions of the world. 

We believe that this effort will motivate both our readers and collaborators. In this way, the dissemination of the works contained herein will reach readers in all the continents of the world. We hope that more and more authors will publish their work and join in the initiative of our journal, which has been present in the Spanish language since 2005 - 15 years of continuous publication. 

We hope the articles presented herein are of your greatest interest,

The Editors