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ISSN 07 18-2015

The Journal of Mood Disorders publishes original articles stemming from research studies, reviews of current topics, clinical trials, brief reports, letters to the editor, and personal papers. It accepts papers from areas related to psychiatry and psychopathology, and incorporates topics from professionals associated with the field of mental health.

Editors in Chief
Fernando Ivanovic-Zuvic R.
Eduardo Correa D.

Style Editing
Pablo Saavedra
Elizabeth Chivers

Luis Risco N.

Pablo Saavedra
Elizabeth Chivers

National Editorial Board
Enrique Jadresic
Juan Carlos Martínez
Pedro Retamal
Graciela Rojas
Hernán Silva
Gustavo Figueroa
Muriel Halpern
Paul Vohringer

Legal Representative
Fernando Ivanovic-Zuvic R.

All correspondence and papers
for publication must be sent to the editors,

Fernando Ivanovic-Zuvic R.
Eduardo Correa D.,
Callao 2970, Of. 604, Las Condes,
Santiago, Chile
E-mail:  ferlore@gmail.com

Total or partial reproduction of this paper for commercial purposes is prohibited without written authorization from the authors.

International Editorial Board
Renato Alarcón (USA)
José Luis Ayuso (Spain)
Kiki Chang (USA)
Francesc Colom (Spain)
Alberto Fernández (Peru)
Miguel Gutiérrez (Spain)
John Kelsoe (USA)
Flavio Kapczinski (Brazil)
Manuel Ortega (Venezuela)
Roy Perlis (USA)
Jan Scott (United Kingdom)
Sergio Strejilevich (Argentina)
Jorge Téllez (Colombia)
Leonardo Tondo (Italy)
Eduard Vieta (Spain)
Sydney Zisook (USA)